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On Nov 19, 2006 by oryon
FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. announce plans to re-introduce an ISO 50 Fujichrome Velvia professional film, tentatively named Velvia II. Fujichrome Velvia (RVP 50) was the first high color saturation, high contrast transparency E-6 compatible film when it was introduced in 1990 and was a favorite among photographers.
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On Jul 18, 2006 by oryon
Lexar has today announced that it has increased the performance of its popular Professional 8GB CompactFlash(r) memory card to 133X. This performance improves the digital imaging workflow for both professional and advanced amateur photographers working with and managing large files. Lexar’s new card is capable of a minimum sustained data write speed of 20MB per second.
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On May 16, 2006 by oryon
Sigma DG UV, Sigma DG Wide Circular PL, Sigma DG Circular PL. The new filters benefit from a super multi-layer lens coating developed to counteract the highly reflective characteristics of digital image sensors reducing both flare and ghosting. Black rimmed glass eliminates unnecessary internal reflections.
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On May 10, 2006 by oryon
For the thousands of photographers who take high quality photos, only to let them languish in cameras or PCs, Sony is introducing two ultra-compact PictureStation(tm) photo printers that are worthy of those precious memories and works of art.
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