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Prieniky tela a svetla
Apr 22, 2018 - Apr 22, 2018
Bjornsonov dom
(Slovak Republic)
Double author exhibition, where you can find both real and unreal photos from diferent situations.
Two Artists Two Vies of the Figure as an Artistic Statement
Apr 22, 2018 - Apr 22, 2018
ArtSpace Gallery
Norwich Ct
(United States/Connecticut)
Two Artists, Two Mediums, Two Views of The Figure as an Artistic Statement ArtSpace Norwich Gallery Opening September 1st 7pm 35 Chestnut ST Norwich CT Peter J. Crowley has worked with the figure for thirty five years as a Photographic Artist. The... peterjcrowley
Workers "Train Gallery"
Aug 9, 2005 - Aug 14, 2005
Main railway station
(Slovak Republic)
The Leica Gallery (Public Benefit Company) will show an unusual presentation of the photographic exhibitions of Sebastio Salgado, Workers, in co-operation with Railways. ea
Elliot Ross: Yehudhith
Aug 14, 2005 - Sep 11, 2005
Prague House of Photography
(Czech Republic)
It is an odd way for a Jewish man to begin a book about the Holocaust, with a quote from Adolf Hitler. But so begins Elliot Ross's collection of photographs, Yehudhith, with a picture of a woman holding a violin and, facing her, a quote from Mein... ea
CUBA 2005
Sep 1, 2005 - Oct 15, 2005
Gallery Art Factory
(Czech Republic)
Andrea Veresova new fashion calendar Cuba 2006 by Roman Sluka. See website for more info. Martiner
Mystical Indonesia - Greatest Expeditions of 20th century
Sep 13, 2005 - Nov 20, 2005
Slovak National Museum
(Slovak Republic)
Exhibition of pictures from New Guinea island by CK Livingstone travellers and 80 large-format photographs by National Geographic photographers. Exhibition is held in Nature museum @ Vajanskeho nabrezie, Bratislava. mx

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