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Looking thru

Basic photo information:
Title: Looking thru
Category: People Photography
Overall rating: 6.2 (10 votes)
Camera: Canon EOS 20D [ random 12 photos ]
Lens: Sigma 50mm F2.8 EX DG MACRO
Author: fotografu [ view author gallery ]
Uploaded: Sep 14, 2005
Viewed: 1505 times
EXIF Info:
Calibration pattern:

Average ratings:
Reviews count: 4
Votes count: 10
Average overall rating: 6.2
Average DOF rating: 7.00
Average composition rating: 4.00
Average colors rating: 7.00
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Review User description
Overall: 10 DOF: Composition: Colors:

bogdan albei (offline)
Sep 9, 2006

Overall: 6 DOF: Composition: Colors:

i'd mainly go for wider lenses, to make face look tighter. i thought it was taken with 200mm or somethink like that, but i can see you mentioned 50mm lenses whats surprise to me, so i dunno what wider to use now :)

maniac (offline)
Apr 25, 2006

Overall: DOF: Composition: Colors:

I am very curious how to compose this picture for a 10...

fotografu (offline)
Sep 14, 2005

Overall: 4 DOF: 7 Composition: 4 Colors: 7

this one is more ok, but you people think twice about the frames and crop - such as these ruin the whole photo

ea (offline)
Sep 14, 2005

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