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Forum > Topic: bug reporting

Author: Nazz
Added: Jul 06, 2008

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I tried to upload a posting yesterday. All seemed well except the photo was not displaying. I erased that posting and tried again with the same results so I erased that as well. I also noticed that other recent postings by other members where not displaying. Today I came back and tried again but the system thinks that I posted two photos yesterday and now says I have reached my limit.

BTW: This is a system error not a browser error.


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Tonnik [ reply ] Oct 09, 2008 11:10
Hi I have the same problem did you find out how to upload the photos.

kubo [ reply ] Jul 31, 2008 20:47
I got the same experience...

kubo [ reply ] Jul 31, 2008 20:50
And the picture was with different pixels and byte volume as it was allowed ...

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