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Articles > Competitions Jan 29, 2006  00:07
One Vision - european photography competition

By focusing their cameras on HIV and AIDS, photographers across Europe can combat the stigma and discrimination felt by those affected by the disease.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company announced today World AIDS Day that it is sponsoring its third annual One Vision European photography competition, an original initiative that is literally helping to change the image of HIV and AIDS in Europe.

''Bristol-Myers Squibb is committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS through its focus on researching and developing innovative new medicines to treat the disease,'' said Annalisa Jenkins, Chief Medical Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Bristol-Myers Squibb. ''In addition, we believe strongly in the compassion of our global initiatives, such as One Vision, which are helping to change lives and also to change how HIV/AIDS is viewed by the public.''

Winning photos will be shown across Europe as part of an overall program to raise awareness about how people with HIV and AIDS are living their lives bravely despite the disease.

''Public opinion is sometimes under the misconception that, with the arrival of new treatments, problems are over,'' says Christian Saout, President of the French Association AIDES, one of the partners of One Vision. ''This has caused a thick cloak of silence to fall, and sufferers are finding it increasingly difficult to speak out. The focus of One Vision is to change the how the HIV/AIDS epidemic is seen. With HIV/AIDS sufferers shrouded in silence in this way, this focus is an essential one.''

The first two editions of the One Vision competition have drawn a great number of quality images which depict the way people with HIV and AIDS are living today. In 2003, over 500 people from 16 countries entered photos, and in 2004, entries came from nearly 700 people in 18 countries.

''We welcome this opportunity for professional and amateur photographers to use their creativity to help fight the stigma that is still attached to people living with HIV,'' said Eric Savoye, Director of European Men's Health Forum, another partner of the initiative.

Four European prizes ( 5,000 first prize and 2,000 second prize) and several national prizes ( 1,000) will be awarded by a panel of judges chaired by Robert Taylor and including prominent photographers and of representatives of HIV/AIDS associations. A special European prize of 3,000 will be awarded by a UNAIDS representative.

Participants should visit the site to fill in an entry form. They can enter their photos by email or by mail.

Deadline for entries: March 15, 2006.

All information, the winning photos from preceding years, and the full regulations for the competition can be found on
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