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Articles > Accessories news Feb 26, 2006  15:19
Pretec exhibits 133X CompactFlash Card

PRETEC 133X CF Card is capable of running at up to 20MB/sec and 14MB/sec of access speed in read & write, enabling users to enjoy the exciting multimedia experience in applications such as high-resolution and high-speed digital cameras where faster write speed means lower set-up time between pictures.

PRETEC 133X CF card is more than 50% faster than itís predecessor; PRETEC 80X CF card, the fastest CF card in the world two years ago; and is fully ATA/True IDE compatible and operational in both 5V and 3.3V platforms. The introduction of the high performance CF card addresses the growing need for higher density and faster speed data storage in leading-edge products and systems.

Pretec has consistently demonstrated the highest capacity CF cards in the world from 64MB (10/1998), 6GB (3/2003) to 12GB (9/2005). In addition to the excellent track record of Pretecís relentless pursuit of innovation towards higher capacity and higher performance, Pretec has also established the reliability reputation by becoming the first CF card supplier in the world which can provide industrial and military grade rugged CF cards constructed with precision mechanics, full metal protection, sustain a wide range (-40℃~125℃) working temperature and offer an ultimate level of data protection and security features.
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