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Author: oryon
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Modified: Mar 12, 2006

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Articles > internals Mar 12, 2006  17:09
News feed and personalized Google

Starting today we launched new features - RSS news feed and module for personalized Google homepage. With this features you have chance to have content even closer to you.

RSS/XML News feed

For proper view of news feed from us, you should use one of many news feed readers, such as FeedReader, NewsGator with Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. There are many other posibilities for using news feed. URL to our news feed is:

Module for personalized Google
One of recent features of biggest search server Google, is that you should personalize entry page with your favorite content. We developed a module, that would show on your personalized Google page with our latest news and last added photo. All you need to do, is create your own personalized Google page, then click "Add Content" button on upper left side of page and insert this URL

to input box called "Search by topic or feed URL" and clicking "Go" button. Then click "OK" button, with which you can approve this feed on your personalized Google page.

Both features are in beta stadium, so please let us know if something is not working properly.
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Last message by ea Mar 12, 2006  17:52
good job :)

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