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Modified: Mar 25, 2006

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Articles > Accessories news Mar 25, 2006  13:14
Last chance to order Fujichrome Velvia 50

Fujifilm Professional has announced that the final shipment of Fujichrome Velvia 50 has now been received. This means that once the stock held in the company's warehouse has been sold there will be no more of the film available.

Fujifilm has been forced into ceasing production of Velvia 50 due to vital raw materials used in the production of the emulsion becoming unavailable.

Despite the withdrawal of Velvia 50, Fujifilm Professional remains committed to the continued production and promotion of professional film. This commitment is illustrated by the launch of three new professional films last year (Fujicolor Pro 160S, Pro 160C and Fujichrome Velvia 100) and there are already plans to launch a further two new professional films in 2006.

While Velvia 50 has traditionally been the favoured film for many photographers there has always been the demand for a film that offers high colour saturation but with higher speed and finer grain - Velvia 100 provides this.
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