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Articles > Accessories news May 16, 2006  12:56
New Sigma filters optimized for Digital SLR

Sigma DG UV, Sigma DG Wide Circular PL, Sigma DG Circular PL. The new filters benefit from a super multi-layer lens coating developed to counteract the highly reflective characteristics of digital image sensors reducing both flare and ghosting. Black rimmed glass eliminates unnecessary internal reflections.

The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the new SIGMA EX DG range of filters which is optimized for digital SLRs. The Sigma EX DG range comprises UV filters, which not only reduce ultraviolet light but are ideal for protecting the lens during general photography, and Circular Polarizing (CP) filters which eliminate reflections from subjects such as glass and water and deepen the intensity of blue skies. The range of CP filters, with the exception of the 86mm, 95mm and 105mm, is encased within an ultra- thin metal ring that does not cause vignetting with wide-angle lenses. Each of these Sigma EX DG filters is designed to accept the front cap of the lens.

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