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Articles > Camera news Jul 08, 2007  17:13
Nikon increases production of DSLR cameras

As demand for DSLRs grows, Nikon is to increase production of cameras and lenses at its factory in Thailand.

Nikon has six production facilities worldwide, with three in Japan, two in China and one in Thailand. The investment of 519 million baht (around £8m) is part of Nikon's policy to relocate its high cost bases in Japan to cheaper regions. Sudjut Inthaiwon, Deputy Secretary-General of Thailand's Board of Invesment said officials had approved the expansion plan and that it was likely to create more than 5,000 job opportunities.

Nikon are expanding their production facility at the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya, Thainland with the aim of increasing DSLR production from 290,000 units per month (to March 2007), to 300,000 units per month (by March 2008). Production of lenses is also set to increase to 300,000, both activities coming in response to increasing global demand. In Thailand alone, the demand for digital cameras is increasing at 30% per year, while here in the UK, high street firm Jessops blamed much of their Christmas poor performance on stock shortages from the major suppliers.
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