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Articles > Competitions Jul 11, 2005  12:15
Nikon Photo Contest International 2004 - 2005

The theme of the Nikon Photo Contest International 2004 – 2005 was “At the heart of the image”*1. Nikon set this theme for the 30th contest to actively encourage entries that capture each photographer’s emotions.

Most entries, both the straight and the digitally processed images, express the emotions of the photographers and show how they feel about society and different aspects of human nature. Upon viewing the many entries, we were reassured of photography’s future.

The contest received over 31,000 entries from more than 10,000 entrants. When we look at the overall entries, we can see the diversity of the various cultures, as well as the photographers’ views of the theme.

Looking at the entries, we can see trends emerging among the regions from which entrants come. There are various methods of expression that show the differences of countries and races, between Asia, including Japan, Europe and the Americas. Entries from Europe are mostly picturesque; many from Asia are digitally processed to emphasis the photographer’s message.

For this contest, 10 professional photographers from various countries who are working internationally were appointed by Nikon Corporation as judges. Award-winning photographs were selected through discussion among the judges. While judging, we could see the different viewpoints as we followed the influences of our own countries, race, thoughts and religion, but we also found that our stance of evaluating the essence of the images was the same. We realized once again the immense scope of the world of images, and that photographs are a common language of this world.

Through judging, we felt how important this contest is. With the contribution of powerful images from photographers around the world, we believe this contest will continue to grow.

*1“At the heart of the image” is the brand statement of Nikon Imaging Company.
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