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Modified: Aug 24, 2005

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Articles > Software news Aug 24, 2005  10:25
Nikon Capture firmware update version 4.3.1

Nikon Capture version 4.3.1 realizes faster processing and handling of image data for compatible MS Windows and Mac OS computers and supports Mac OS X 10.4. Faster processing now occurs when optimizing RAW (NEF) files, more efficient memory use for image data processing and the program for creating histograms has been improved.

TOKYO Nikon Corporation (President : Michio Kariya) is pleased to announce an update of Nikon Capture 4, to version 4.3.1, which became available for download from August 22. In response to users' requests, the latest version of Nikon's image processing software has realized faster processing and handling of image data for compatible Microsoft Windows and Mac OS computers (see specifications). Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) is supported.

The following aspects have faster processing speed:

  • Optimization of RAW(NEF) image processing
  • More efficiency for using memory (RAM) on PC for image data processing
  • Improved program for creating histograms and faster response for full image display
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