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Articles > Photography news Dec 02, 2005  14:34
Firmware update for Pentax *ist DS

PENTAX Imaging Company has announced that firmware update 2.00 for the *ist DS is now available on the PENTAX website.

This upgrade adds the following functions:

  1. “Continuous AF” mode has been added to the AF settings in the Record Mode menu.
  2. “Auto ISO” has been added to the sensitivity modes.
  3. “AE-L button on M” has been added to the Custom Function menu. If selected, AE-L button provides automatic exposure while in manual exposure mode.
  4. The effect level of the digital soft filters can now be selected from weak, middle or strong.
  5. Dutch and Swedish have been added to the language options.
  6. A sample picture will now be displayed in the LCD monitor when selecting Picture modes.
  7. Unavailable menu items will now appear in gray.
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