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Modified: Jan 12, 2006

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Articles > Accessories news Jan 12, 2006  11:45
Apacer launches Compact Flash 8 GB Photo Steno Pro II

Apacer Technology Inc. has just released a new high-capacity 8 GB Photo Steno Pro II. This 100x CompactFlash card is specially designed for professional photographers using FAT32 file format compatible high-end DSLR cameras.

These high-end DSLR cameras provide higher megapixal images and fast, continuous high-speed shooting that allows professionals to capture a fast sequence of shots typical of action and sporting events. With up to 15 MB/sec read/write speed and 8 GB storage, this new card gives professionals the speed and capacity to capture a moment or a series of photos for that one perfect photo.

According to Apacer's Chief Product Officer, Elton Fang, "As digital SLRs continue to evolve by offering higher megapixels and faster performance, professionals need reliable CompactFlash cards that feature fast read/write speeds, large capacities and excellent stability. Apacer's 8 GB Photo Steno Pro II meets this demand with a SST controller utilizing multi-tasking transfer technology that effectively speeds up data-processing time and greatly enhances the storage capacity, transfer rate and stability." The card can store a total of 2300 x 8 megapixel (3456 x 2304) JPEG photos, or 917 photos taken from DSLR cameras in 8 megapixel RAW file format. The fast 100x (15 MB/sec) read/write speed offers great performance. Apacer's Photo Steno Pro II enables continuous mode high-speed photo shooting so photographers do not miss shots at fast paced events like auto racing, football and other sports. All these advantages fulfill professional photographers' needs for speed and large storage.

Apacer's 8 GB Photo Steno Pro II meets the CompactFlash Specification Revision 2.0 standard and supports PIO Mode-4 and Multi-word DMA (Direct Memory Access) Mode-2 direct read/write. With a SLC (Single-level-Cell) flash chip and SST controller, read/write speeds can reach up to 15 MB/sec. For environmental concerns, all Apacer CompactFlash cards implement lead-free manufacturing to reduce the harmful effects on the environment and are all certified RoHS compliant. These efforts reflect Apacer's corporate commitment to protecting the environment as well as delivering cutting edge flash storage products.

To ensure reliability, performance, compatibility and accidental data loss, all Apacer flash cards pass strict quality control and testing. Foreseeing the future trend of CompactFlash cards, Apacer has consistently made breakthroughs for memory size and speed. This new 8 GB Photo Steno Pro II is the latest in the series of 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB sizes. This new 8 GB 100x CompactFlash card is being released to global sales channels now.
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