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Basic photo information:
Title: on_the_floor_XVII
Category: Daily Life & Blog
Overall rating: 7.55 (11 votes)
Description: One from my cycle ON THE FLOOR

What can i say?
It was a motive found by chance
Photo taken with my old Canon Datelux, which I lost.

Black, white and Yellow
Graphically, contrasted

thing on the floor

situation without logic

I'm looking forward to hear your opinion

Canon Datelux , automatic, Flash
Author: To-mas [ view author gallery ]
Uploaded: Sep 8, 2005
Viewed: 1551 times
EXIF Info:
Calibration pattern:

Average ratings:
Reviews count: 3
Votes count: 11
Average overall rating: 7.55
Average DOF rating: 0.00
Average composition rating: 9.00
Average colors rating: 8.50
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Review User description
Overall: 8 DOF: Composition: 9 Colors: 8

I like those minimalistic reality cuts
vigneting is ok in this type of visual

ea (offline)
Sep 9, 2005

Overall: DOF: Composition: Colors:

thanks, but that camera is automatic, so only what i know is that i used flash

To-mas (offline)
Sep 9, 2005

Overall: 9 DOF: Composition: 9 Colors: 9

More details the next time... but is a very good picture... bravo!

fotografu (offline)
Sep 8, 2005

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