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Basic photo information:
Title: _MG_4521
Category: Landscape Photographer
Overall rating: 6 (6 votes)
Camera: Canon EOS 5D [ random 12 photos ]
Lens: Canon EF 135mm f/2.8SF
Author: fotografu [ view author gallery ]
Uploaded: Apr 30, 2006
Viewed: 1435 times
EXIF Info:
Calibration pattern:

Average ratings:
Reviews count: 4
Votes count: 6
Average overall rating: 6
Average DOF rating: 0.00
Average composition rating: 5.00
Average colors rating: 4.00
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Review User description
Overall: 4 DOF: Composition: Colors:

maniac> these are not lo-fi, but taken with softfocus lens .)

ea (offline)
May 1, 2006

Overall: 4 DOF: Composition: 5 Colors: 4

fotografu you seem oversensitived to me

maniac just gave you his feedback about this photo where i must agree with
(feedback is what pushes further your skills, i'll be glad and thankful for that)

and when you don't even bother with a title and the image is much smaller than allowed size - it leaves me an ambivalent feeling

and keep out of a photo server civilisations and domination, please
it has nothing to do with it
peace and thanks

ea (offline)
May 1, 2006

Overall: DOF: Composition: Colors:

Nobody force you, mr maniac, to recognize a camera or to look to these pictures. You are and you have your style, I have mine, and I believe that everybody have a place here, if it is a place for photographers. Try to read and to understant.
What i do not understant I try to let so. If I do not like a picture I explain why this happen.
But we from different civilisations, you are from a superior one...

fotografu (offline)
Apr 30, 2006

Overall: DOF: Composition: Colors:

i can't cecognize characteristic signs of 5d in you shots :) but even when i like lofi, i can't get in tune with this pictures

maniac (offline)
Apr 30, 2006

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