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Canon EOS 20Da Image
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The EOS 20Da is the first Canon digital SLR that has been tailored to the requirements of the Astro-photographer while delivering the speed, precision and flexibility synonymous with the EOS 20D

The diffuse nebulae is popular among Astro-photographers for its distinct reddish colour caused by the excitation of hydrogen. However, with the infrared (IR) blocking filter in front of the imaging sensor on standard digital SLR's, the reddish colour is eliminated. The 20Da IR blocking filter has been modified to allow more IR light through to the sensor, recording the reddish colour.


  • 8.2 MP CMOS sensor with revised IR cut filter
  • 5 fps with up to 23 frame burst
  • 9-point AF
  • 1.8" LCD screen with Live View Mode
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed/Video Out

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