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Nikon F-501 Image
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  • Type of Camera Integral-motor autofocus 35mm single lens reflex.
  • Picture Format 24 x 36mm [standard 35mm (135) film format]
  • Lens Mount Nikon F mount
  • Lens More than 70 Nikkor and Series E lenses available.
  • Focus Modes Dual autofocus modes (Single servo and Continuous servo) focus assist and manual focusing.
  • Autofocus Detection System TTL phase detection system using 96 CCD's.
  • Autofocus Detection Range Approx. EV 4 to EV 17 using lenses f:2.8 or faster; EV 5 to EV 18 using lenses f:4.5 or faster but slower than f:2.8.
  • Autofocus Lock Single Servo AF - Possible once focus LED is lit and shutter release remains slightly depressed; Continuous Servo AF - focus detection continues as long as shutter release remains partially depressed.
  • Focus Assist Available in manual focus mode with an AF Nikkor, Nikkor or Series E lens with a maximum aperture of f:4.5 or faster
  • Exposure Metering Light intensity feedback measurement (for P DUAL, P HI and A), TTL full aperture centerweighted measurement (for manual exposure) employs one silicone photo diode (SPD).
  • Exposure Meter Switch Activated by setting film advance mode selector at S or C and lightly pressing shutter release button, remains on for approx. 8 sec. after releasing shutter release button.
  • Metering Range (at ISO 100 with f/1.4 lens) EV 1 to EV19
  • Exposure Modes Three Program (dual, normal and high speed) auto exposure modes, Auto, Aperture-Priority Auto and Manual

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