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Nikon D70 Image
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Reviews: 1 Recommended: 100%
Last review: 02/2018 Viewed: 2358
Overall: 9 Price: 10
Features: 8 Build: 9
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1. 6.1 megapixel Nikon DX Format CCD, advanced digital image processing, and Nikkor optics for vivid photos with sharp detail.
2. Photographic- and digital technologies are optimally matched for quick response, capable of catching all the action.
3. Accurate white balance, precision metering, and tone- and colour control reproduce even the subtlest details for stunning results.
4. Nikkor lenses, i-TTL built-in Speedlight, plus Nikon Capture software for versatility and creative freedom. Nikon System compatibility.
5. Powerfull but compact and lightweight

Review User description
Overall: 9 Price: 10 Features: 8 Build: 9
Pros: price, lenses, body, lcd Cons: lacks iso100, mirror lockup and vertical grip

very good entry level class D-SLR for wide range of use, from family photos to conceptual artworks and lowlight photos, featuring very good Nikon DX CCD providing great results also in extreme iso settings (as high as 1600). it lacks just some minor features, like iso100 setting (lowest possible is 200), mirror lockup feature and vertical grip with battery pack. variety of Nikon mountable lenses are available from various manufacturers, allowing user to customize his camera to his own needs.

mx (offline)
Jul 12, 2005

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