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Sony DSC-F717 Image
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The DSC-F717 represents the fourth generation of Sony's L-shaped 5x zoom split lens / body design. This started back in August 1999 with the 2 megapixel DSC- F505, in April 2000 the DSC-F505V gained a 3 megapixel sensor but only captured 2.6 megapixels of that (because of the lens design). August 2001 saw the announcement of the DSC-F707, with a larger lens this camera sported a 2/3" 5 megapixel CCD. One year on we are presented with the DSC-F717, still utilizing the same body design, same 5 megapixel sensor and excellent 5x optical zoom lens. The changes this time are more subtle with added features and expanded options.

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