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Leica APO-SUMMICRON-R 180 mm f/2 Image
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This extremely fast tele lens with apochromatic correction guarantees flawless image quality all the way to the edges and it does so from infinity to the near focusing limit of 1.5 m (410). With its aperture wide open, it produces images with maximal contrast, highest resolution and differentiated color rendition. The system includes a protective filter for the front lens element and a filter in the filter drawer. Thanks to its rubber-armored lens hood, the lens is protected effectively against damage from impact. The sum of its properties makes the LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-R 180 mm f/2 the ideal tele lens for situations of poor lighting conditions and
where longer distances have to be bridged. Selective focus makes photographs possible with an impressive feeling of depth, and
the combination of internal focusing and a wide focusing ring allow silky-smooth and pin-point-accurate focusing. Working with a tripod is made easy by a robust tripod base that can be rotated and locked in place.

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